Employee Productivity

In today's competitive business environment, ensuring that your employees are given the tools and oversight to be actively engaged at work is mandatory for high-performing organizations. Employee productivity, therefore, should be a priority for your organization, no matter which industry you work in. Therefore your company's networks and IT-based environment must be optimized to avoid wasted productivity that comes from network downtime, Computer-related HR issues, software incompatibilities, and a lack of monitored oversight.

The solution? Ideal Networks' approach to IT security and management can streamline your staff's workflow to increase how your employees spend their time. Let's take a look at some key areas where our IT Management Strategies can actualize the full potential of your staff. Before we do so, however, let's examine some key statistics about how IT affects productivity

Quick Stats about Employee Productivity and IT

According to Forrester Research and Disaster Recovery Journal's combined study into employee productivity, "The State of IT Resiliency and Preparedness", some unfortunate realities were revealed about how many businesses risk their livelihood from not optimizing their IT networks. it was found that only 2% of organizations recovered from their latest downtime incident within an hour. Of organizations surveyed, less than ⅓ had regularly performed checks to their IT network to optimize and address concerns. Employees were also affected, citing lost productivity, lost business opportunities, and substantially lower morale when incidents occurred.  Four of the most common reasons cited for this decreased productivity include power outages, IT network failure, human error, and natural disasters (i.e. hurricanes and flooding).

Therefore, you can see that addressing your IT Management with a managed service provider (MSP) like Ideal Networks can save your organization from disaster and optimize productivity instead.

How Ideal Networks IT Solutions Improves Employee Productivity

Actively Addressing Inefficiencies and Downtime

Downtime across your networks can rapidly diminish your employee's productivity by blocking them from accomplishing their workload. Having to deal with software incompatibilities, Computer Problems, performance issues, loss of access to data, and other inefficiencies leads to lost productivity. Ideal Network's network management services work to actively bolster the security of your networks and maximize uptime, either through remote management services,  in-person support or in extreme cases, emergency IT to rectify problems as they occur. Considering that the average cost of company downtime per minutes is $5,600, according to industry analyst Gartner, working with Ideal Networks can provide an affordable solution to keep your networks function at their highest level.

Active Networking Monitoring

Ideal Networks certified staff of IT experts are trained to oversee network activity of your employees to ensure that your staff is performing optimally and any difficulties are removed to aid them in staying on task. We monitor for security concerns as well as performance metrics to actively streamline the process.  By recording and monitoring time spent on projects, for instance, businesses increase job performance and time management. And by monitoring the performance of your IT networks, companies can be sure that employees are adequately equipped with high-functioning IT across every department, workstation and connected device.

Liability Issue Mitigation

While we'd all like to believe that low-performing and criminally-motivated individuals are weeded out during the interview process, organizations must protect their IT networks against potential liability issues caused by viewing illegal and unsanctioned material. The IT management services of Ideal Networks reduce these security risks by enforcing protocols and blacklisting forbidden materials to reduce your company's liability. This also extends to the protection of sensitive client data and limiting access to only trusted staff members.


Smartphones and laptops continue to blur the traditional lines of personal and professional life, especially with BYOD ("bring your own device") has created the need for network-wide security and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. Without oversight, employees may be tempted to "cyberloaf", spending time on non-job-related work and personal business while on the clock. With Ideal Network's managed services, you can reduce the tendency of cyberloafing and redirect your employees towards company-specific goals.

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