Disaster Recovery Planning

As the saying goes, "failure to prepare is preparation for failure."
There can be nothing more detrimental to your business or organization than an unplanned disaster. Left unchecked, your IT networks--including everything from critical client data to your entire network infrastructure--can subsequently fold or be seriously affected for the long-term.

Just imagine how your business would fare if a natural disaster struck and demolished your entire network and all stored data. In many cases, damages would be irreparable and years of effort could be lost by not doing the due-diligence beforehand.

So, if you're business doesn't have a disaster recovery plan in place, or that your organization only has minimal coverage, ask yourself some deep questions about your organization, including:

Luckily, Ideal Networks understands the concerns of business owners and their future in the event of a disaster. We understand that successful IT disaster recovery is about building a good foundation for business resilience beforehand. This involves tested planning procedures, preparing potential vulnerabilities, and implementing solid IT management practices to avoid worst-case scenarios. If you want to enable resilient, available, and recoverable IT services that meet your business continuity requirements, Ideal Network's consultancy services can help.

We will work closely with you to come up with a Disaster Recovery Plan that meets your business goals at a budget you can afford. Often, many IT consultancy firms use one-size-fits-all approaches that leave your business exposed to potential threats--and at a significant cost that may be out of reach for even large enterprises. By contrast, Ideal Networks creates a customized Disaster Recovery Plan and business continuity measures that meets your unique needs.

Let’s take a look at what benefits come with hiring Ideal Networks for your Disaster Recovery Planning.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Planning with Industry Networks

Loss Avoidance

Having both a well-crafted IT disaster recovery and business continuity strategy that provides robust data backup and high-performing recovery solutions are essential. Studies have shown that for companies that experience a major loss of data from a natural disaster:

With dreadful statistics like these, Disaster Recovery Planning from Ideal Networks is essential to avoid a loss to your organization.

Uninterrupted Performance

Once a natural disaster has elapsed, your company will want to get back to normality asap. By planning ahead of time and having a comprehensive IT strategy in place helps your company resume business as usual.


By employing Ideal Networks' experienced consultancy services, your business can use effective IT expertise at a fraction of the cost that in-house personnel can offer. Considering that many SMB's may not have the resources for full-time in-house IT staff, trusting Ideal Networks can be the perfect measure to ensure that your company is protected.

Additionally, Ideal Networks can supplement your IT staff so that your employees can focus on handling daily tasks and leave the long-term planning to a managed service provider--a win-win situation for your budget and your resources.

Peace of Mind

Disaster Recovery Planning enables business owners to feel prepared for whatever challenges that Mother Nature can throw their way. With a disaster potentially leading to a loss of data--such as lost emails, accounting data, client files, patient records, and more--you can sleep easier knowing that your business is protected and data is retrievable.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Planning with Industry Networks

With decades of IT and business continuity experience in-house, our expert consultants will aid you in: assessing your organization's IT infrastructure, applications, personnel, and data to align your Business Continuity program requirements with your IT availability needs. This is typically performed during our free network assessments, where we gain a deeper understanding of vulnerabilities that may exist. Then, we'll create plans and procedures for restoring your critical IT infrastructure, data, and applications in the event of a disruption. Once in place, our experts will help you validate your plans and procedures in accordance with your overall business continuity strategy, testing for.

Contact Ideal Networks today to begin securing your business against disaster. Your future depends on your actions today.

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