Our first core principal - Backups

At Ideal Networks, we believe in a firm foundation of core beliefs is what separates our service from other Managed Service Providers (MSP).

Of our four core beliefs, having an actionable plan for worst-case scenarios is the most important when it comes to Data Backup. Because modern technology is shifting so rapidly, it is important to realize that if your data doesn't exist in two or more locations, it doesn't exist at all.

Considering that one of the Top IT reasons for bankruptcy is caused by irrecoverable data loss, ignoring the problem is a recipe for disaster. Considering that your organization needs to protect your business' important information through data backup and data recovery, it's important to realize that data can be comprised by:

By partnering with Ideal Networks, we can provide comprehensive backups for your organization for all of these current and future threats.  We ensure that your company's data is always backed up as close to real-time as possible, using data backup systems through offsite servers, separate drivers, cloud-based solutions and other options designed to fit your organization.

Too often, we have gone into situations where a new customer asks for help recovering data because their old IT solution didn't properly back up their data. In many cases, the loss of data has been catastrophic for those companies, where we had to restore an old backup from 6 months ago because that was the last time their IT personnel verified the backups. Our short-term and long-term clients avoid these risks entirely, with many choosing Ideal Networks as their dedicated managed service provider for routine maintenance, remote & on-site support, emergency IT, and much more.

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What they think about us


Frank Schab

Six Degrees CEO

Ideal Networks has been our go-to IT partner for the past 5 years and IT is our backbone. We work with Ideal Networks because we trust them and our representative, Dave McCorkle, implicitly. Ideal Networks is that IT partner you hope for.

John C. McDonald

Arizona Alliance of Community Health Centers CEO

Ideal Networks will be an asset to any company looking for professionals who are not only knowledgeable but are trusted individuals that are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.