Have you heard about the latest trend in managing your IT services with a virtual CTO/CIO services? With Ideal Networks, you can use an independent CIO (Chief Technical Officer) and CIO (Chief Information Officer) services to provide strategic planning and high-level IT decisions for your company. Considering that many businesses simply don't have the expertise or budget for full-time IT employees, a virtual CIO (vCIO) provides necessary guidance for making important IT decisions, including system development, IT budgeting, compliance issues, application development and more.

Our extensive business and IT experience allows us to act as your CTO or Virtual CIO.  We have a unique perspective by having multiple clients that allow us to come up with exactly what you need for your business and ensure that your IT systems work for you, regardless of which industry or sector that you operate in.

Benefits of Virtual Chief Technology Officer Services with Ideal Networks

When you retain us as your Virtual CTO/CIO, our professional consultants work very closely with you and your staff to understand the role that technology plays in your organization. We make it our mission to learn the various aspects of your business that are dependent on technology and your IT network.

Thorough IT Strategy Planning

We perform an in-depth network assessment of your existing IT infrastructure and analyze the results to meet the current and future needs that your organization faces. We then help you formulate a customized plan to close the gap and consistent oversight to ensure that technologies are deployed seamlessly and protocols are upheld. IT strategic planning from Ideal Network's vCTO/vCIOs creates a scalable roadmap for success with technologies such as cloud computing, collaboration platforms, cutting-edge virtualization software, and streamlining your business processes. Additionally, vCTO/vCIOs can help manage or merge multiple IT operating environments, as well as accommodating mergers and acquisitions effectively.

Better Security

Considering that network security encompasses a wide variety of concerns throughout your organization, the expertise of embedded CTOs and vCIOs from Ideal Networks ensures that your networks are protected against digital threats (such as ransomware and viruses) and physical vulnerabilities (such as cameras and keycard access). Our vCIO performs comprehensive routine assessments to check systems for new risks and vulnerabilities, educates employees on best practices, and updates new security procedures as needed.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

Your company lives and dies by the protection of its data. Which is often surprising that nearly 40% of small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMB) admit that they have inadequate plans to recover from the loss of their data. So when disaster strikes, it may already be too late. That's why CTO/vCTOs from Ideal Networks plan business continuity and disaster recovery roadmaps that can help your organization weather natural disasters and create backup procedures to mitigate data loss, getting you back up and running as soon as possible.

Enhanced IT Budget Planning

Because running a company in today's tech-heavy world requires careful advanced planning that meets limited budgets, a vCIO/CTO can offer detailed expertise that helps save money and avoid unnecessary spending. We determine your budget for present and future IT spending to align with your company's unique IT roadmap, ensuring well-calculated purchases and tech investments for maximum ROI.

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Frank Schab

Six Degrees CEO

Ideal Networks has been our go-to IT partner for the past 5 years and IT is our backbone. We work with Ideal Networks because we trust them and our representative, Dave McCorkle, implicitly. Ideal Networks is that IT partner you hope for.

John C. McDonald

Arizona Alliance of Community Health Centers CEO

Ideal Networks will be an asset to any company looking for professionals who are not only knowledgeable but are trusted individuals that are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.