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Compared to nearly all industries, the digital transformation of banking is happening at a faster pace than many organizations can handle, including startups, small businesses, and long-established enterprises. Firms that are slow to adopt emerging IT-based technologies will lose ground in the global marketplace and may place their assets at risk.

Therefore, If your business is in the financial industry, you're well aware of how comprehensive IT solutions are critical for providing top-notch service throughout your organization and to your customers. In short, these organizations must adapt and find cost-effective solutions that improve:

  • the customer experience (online and in-person)
  • administrative operations
  • mobile and wireless solutions
  • real-time analytics
  • in-house and remote network monitoring
  • enhanced security measures (i.e. data encryption, secure remote access to data)
  • following industry guidelines and compliance measures(i.e. PCI Compliance)
  • and more

At Ideal Networks, we understand the particular IT needs that financial institutions and insurance companies demand to run an optimized organization. That’s why we’ve created customized IT solutions that ensure that your organization is functioning with the latest technology and best-practices, no matter how specific or broad the scale of your organization operates within.

Before we cover how Ideal Networks can provide a multitude of IT solutions and create a comprehensive environment that meets your organization’s requirements, let’s take a look at the general overview ofIT and financial organizations in today’s technological environment

Quick IT Stats about Financial Institutions

Consider the following recent statistics about the intersections of finance and Information Technology (IT):

  • According to a Forbes security briefing, the Internet of Thing’s (IoT) real-time data collection and sharing power has created new opportunities and challenges for today’s financial and insurance companies. With over 6 billion devices already connected worldwide, the opportunities and risks can be overwhelming for those not experienced in complexity of modern IT.
  • Insurance agents who embraced digital transformation reported a 90% reduction in turnaround time on critical insurance processes(i.e. policy underwriting) and a 65% cost reduction for those processes(Source: Harvard Business Review)
  • According to a report by PwC, high-tech innovations such as the blockchain, robotics, and AI will become more commonplace in financial institutions by 2020, which makes early adoption for companies tha twish to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Data-driven marketing has been forecasted as a growing priority among financial institutions, with more than 20% of companies citing data-derived analytics to be among the emerging trends for competitive organizations.
  • Financial institutions are a much greater risk for cyber attacks such as ransomware and identity theft, with these businesses being targeted nearly 300 times more than other industries in 2018. (Source: Identity Theft Resource Center)

Why Your Financial Company Needs Managed IT Solutions from Industry Networks

At Ideal Networks, we understand that financial companies must adhere to evolving regulatory standards, while simultaneously enhancing customer experience, combating ever-increasing network attacks, and maintainingIT solutions optimally at all times. Below are just some of the many IT services that we offer to our clients:

Financial IT Deployment Services

Our end-to-end project management methodology acts as an extension of your IT team and procedures, handling every facet of technology deployment. From rollout and installation, to ongoing service and support, we have the experience and knowledge needed to implement comprehensive technology solutions across all of your branch offices and locations, while staying within budget and deployed on-schedule.

Physical Security Solutions

Providing a safe and secure physical environment takes IT expertise. That’s why Ideal Networks is the best choice to mitigate potential risks to your customers, employees, and assets. We help install and implement state-of-the-art video surveillance, access control, and intrusion technology that reinforce your existing infrastructure or design a new comprehensive security solution that eliminates threats such as robbery, unauthorized door access, forged keys and so forth to ultimately protect company assets.

IT Monitoring for Finance Businesses

In-house IT staff can be overwhelmed with the immensity of your organization’s needs. That’s why a managed service provider like IdealNetworks can continually monitors the stability and security of your network to maximum uptime and troubleshoot developing problems in real-time across all locations of your organization. Our expert certified staff can monitor, supervise and manage various aspects of your network 24/7/365 to assure reliability without the need to increase in-house IT staff or overwhelm employees that are departmentally-focused. This enables your financial organization to concentrate its resources on doing what it does best.

Wireless and Mobility Services

Maintaining a reliable wireless infrastructure for financial and insurance organizations is a mandatory measure for modern businesses. AtIdeal Networks, we help design, source, install, and support wireless infrastructure that enables your agency to meet the mobile and wireless needs of your staff, whether that includes continuous connectivity to provide staff with uninterrupted access through the cloud, claims adjusters that assess out-of-office incidents, and instant communication between every department of your organization. Because of the vulnerability of mobile data and wireless networks, we employ industry-standard security measures to protect valuable records, data, and documents from unauthorized individuals.

Compliance for Financial Institutions

Because financial institutions are founded on trust and brand loyalty, providing compliance with industry standards is vital to maintain your organization’s integrity. That is why Ideal Networks can help prioritize the protection of client data through a multi-faceted approach to network security and IT related practices. Because understands your business’ unique environment, we create customized solutions to ensure that your business is compliant with such protocols as PCI-DDS, HIPAA (for health-related organizations), and more.

Financial Business Analytics

Ideal Networks helps financial organizations and insurance providers to use high-performing, secure, and scalable analytics platforms to implement real-time performance metrics and data analytics across your entire organization--including your facility’s operations to the people that comprise your staff and customers. Through best-practices and optimized IT solutions, we can help your company enhance risk assessment, strengthen fraud detection through active monitoring, improve business operations, refine revenue streams, retain customers, and ultimately drive revenue to keep your organization competitive in today’s active business climate.

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