IT Support for Non-Profit Organizations and Associations

If your organization is a nonprofit, you know how valuable a comprehensive managed IT service can be for carrying out your mission. Without top-notch IT, the backbone of your organization may be hindered unnecessarily, stalling the progress of mission-critical projects and avoidable downtime, as well as leaving client data vulnerable to exploitation by tech-savvy criminals. With nonprofits often working with limited budgets, in-house IT costs can drain resources that should be spent on serving the purpose of your organization.

Because of the scope of industries and interests that nonprofits serve, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. With more and more technological innovations appearing daily, nonprofits have never faced a more challenging environment for maintaining and benefiting from a robust IT environment. Some of these unique challenges include:

  • assistance with IT grant requests
  • streamlined purchasing through non-profit friendly sources
  • eCommerce and online transactions
  • fundraising effectiveness
  • administrative operations
  • mobile and wireless solutions
  • enhanced security measures (such as data encryption)
  • advanced inventory management
  • large conference room setups
  • multi-platform compatibility (including current and previous versions of Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.)
  • compliance requirements
  • and more

At Ideal Networks, we understand the particular IT needs that nonprofits demand to run a fully-optimized organization. That's why we've created customized solutions that ensure that your nonprofit benefits from our in-depth expertise and comprehensive IT knowledge.

Before we cover how Ideal Networks can provide a multitude of IT solutions and create a comprehensive environment that meets your organization's requirements, let's take a look at some key statistics regarding the general overview of IT and nonprofit in today's technological environment.

Quick Stats about Non-Profits & IT Management

According to the recent statistics from the Nonprofit TechnologyEnterprise Network (NTEN):

  • Staffing: Over 15% of organizations reported that they had no dedicated IT staff, andover 25% reported only have a non-full-time staff member in charge of IT.
  • Backups: Over 70% of nonprofits have backup policies in effect for their data andnetworks
  • IT Policy: More than 50% of nonprofits report that they have specific cybersecurity policies addressing privacy, usage, and potential risk. 38.8%percent of nonprofits admitted that their organization doesn’t have a clear policy on handling cybersecurity risk, equipment usage, and data privacy
  • Cybersecurity: 59.2% of nonprofits do not provide cybersecurity training to staff on a regular basis. Almost a third of those surveyed also admitted that there was no mandatory cybersecurity training offered in their organization.
  • Authentication: 55.6% of nonprofits admitted that their organization doesn’t require multi-factor authentication (MFA) to log into online accounts to access email or other online services.
  • Access: Over70% report that their staff are allowed to use their personal devices to accessorganizational emails and business files
  • Monitoring: Almost 30% report that there are no active network monitoring measures, including these of computers and web applications.

IT Benefits for NonProfits with Ideal Networks

By choosing Ideal Network as your managed service provider, your nonprofit gains a number of advantages that helps your organization run smoothly and secure.

Better IT Infrastructure

Considering that more donors, sponsors, and volunteers are turning to technology to make connections to your nonprofit, our managed services help facilitate actions, make connections, and foster awareness in your community. With back-office functions such as sustainability planning, financial reporting, and analytics becoming the norm for nonprofits, Ideal Networks helps create a free-flowing infrastructure designed to maximize your IIT capabilities.

Better Efficiency

With efficient IT customized to fit your unique needs, budgets and resources are conserved--redirecting critical spending to further your mission. We blend agile technology and bringing our clients up to speed on best-practices that results in a leaner model of operation. Because IT is becoming ever more complex and complicated, our expert staff can implement measures, such as upgrading legacy equipment to modern standards.

Enhanced Security

Nonprofits are frequent targets for cyberattacks, such as ransomware and viruses. Because of the sophisticated technology behind these efforts, we provide adequate countermeasures in both digital and physical operating environments.


Most nonprofits have to maintain compliance with several IT-based security standards and protocols to avoid compromising their clients' data, liability issues and adhere to industry standards. These may include such compliances measures like HIPAA, PCI, and SSAE 16. Ideal Networks maintains compliance with all of these standards, streamlining your operating environment and providing direct assistance in any audit.

Nonprofit Financing

With many non-profits struggling to allot for IT budgeting, which in turn negatively impacts how scalable your organization is or how efficiently your cash-flow is handled, choosing Ideal Networks ensures cost-effective service that produces real results. Our knowledge of nonprofit-specific applications, such as donor management software and membership management software, can assist any non-profit organization during fundraisers, charity drives, and other funding activities.

Remote IT and Monitoring

In-house IT staff can be expensive. With Ideal Networks' Remote IT staff, your organization benefits from the expertise of our knowledgeable staff with our remote IT and monitoring solutions. We can provide monitoring services to ensure that no negative activity takes place, networks maximize their uptime, and provide early warnings for possible threats.

IT Consulting

We offer a wealth of consulting services that can offer guidance when you need it.

Application Development

Learn more about our application development services and how Ideal Networks can create your nonprofit application for all aspects of your organization

Contact Ideal Networks Today

After all is said and done, nonprofit organizations just want IT that works. If you’re ready to implement the best IT solutions, contact Ideal Networks today. We offer a wide-variety of services for nonprofits that meets and exceeds the needs for optimally-performing organizations, all in a cost-effective solution that can be tailored to any budget. Free network assessments are available to help determine how your organization can optimize its networks and IT-based operations for the 21st century.

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