Managed IT for Healthcare

If your business is in the healthcare industry, you're well aware of how comprehensive IT solutions are critical for providing top-notch medical care and efficiency throughout your organization.

With healthcare changing rapidly thanks to technological innovations, healthcare providers must adapt and find cost-effective solutions that improve:

  • the patient experience
  • mobile and wireless solutions
  • enhanced security measures (i.e. data encryption, secure remote access to data)
  • following industry guidelines and compliance measures [i.e. HIPAA compliance, PHI (Protected Health Information)]
  • and more

At Ideal Networks, we understand the particular IT needs that healthcare providers demand to run an optimized organization. That's why we've created customized solutions that ensure that your organization is functioning with the latest technology and best practices.

Before we cover how Ideal Networks can provide a multitude of IT solutions and create a comprehensive environment that meets your organization's requirements, let's take a look at the general overview of IT and healthcare in today's technological environment.

Quick Stats about Healthcare and IT

Consider the following recent statistics about the intersections of healthcare and Information Technology (IT):

For more information about healthcare and IT, visit ReferralMD's latest compiled statistics to learn more.

Benefits of IT Services from Ideal Networks

Enhanced Patient Experience

The ultimate goal for healthcare is to provide the best patient experience possible. This is possible with optimized IT services fromIdeal Networks, which encompasses:

  • enhanced scheduling across multiple locations
  • top-notch diagnostic and safety procedures
  • access to custom pieces of medical equipment
  • reliable electronic medical records (EMR)
  • reduced non-medical workload of direct healthcare staff
  • and more

Patients recognize how efficient and accurate your practice’s operations are, which increases patient retention and satisfaction.

Customized Solutions

Every healthcare organization is different. That’s why Ideal Networks offers customized services across private practices and large organizations that fits each particular needs. Our staff devise solutions that maximizes uptime and minimizes errors that delivers safe, effective, and efficient patient care. After assessing your network to understand your facility(ies) needs, we design and create a plan to implement a technology infrastructure tailored for optimal performance.

Healthcare Network Installation and Deployment

Ideal Networks takes the stress out of deploying new healthcare technology with our managed network installation and deployment services. Our expertise ensures coordinated launching of new technologies and decommissions old technologies simultaneously with minimal disruption/downtime. Best of all, our services ensure that your IT needs are met across all of your locations while staying on time and within a predetermined budget.

Healthcare Wireless and Mobility

Connected healthcare facilities rely on a robust network infrastructure to function effectively. With interconnected devices across multiple operating platforms and vendors, the need to create a comprehensive wireless and mobility solution is of paramount concern for healthcare providers in the 21st century.

With Ideal Network’s IT systems, you can take advantage of interconnected smart devices that accommodates the modern pace of the healthcare industry. We provide improved access to vital information, which results in better safety measures, secured data and processes, and efficiency in all of your IT-based operations.

Healthcare IT Management Services

As you may have guessed from the aforementioned statistics, healthcare is particularly susceptible to IT threats and cyber attacks due to a lack of resources and knowledge about developing trends in our increasingly digitized world. Utilizing managed IT services from Ideal Networks helps you manage a myriad of aspects of your business, including:

  • power failures
  • security breaches
  • network maintenance
  • real-time monitoring
  • weather emergencies and natural disasters
  • on-site IT staff
  • remote assistance
  • and more.  

Healthcare Cybersecurity

Because healthcare facilities are often targeted by cybercriminals, Ideal Networks offers comprehensive cybersecurity that reduces identify theft, cyberattacks (ex. DDoS), and other events. Because of blended physical and digital environments in healthcare, our IT services reduces threats to your vital networks through installing hardware (ex. video surveillance), access control, intrusion technologies, encryption methods, and more to ensure the protection of your facility, patients, assets, and employees so you can concentrate on delivering the optimal care.

Healthcare Compliance

Healthcare compliance issues affect nearly every facet of your organization, from securing patient’s records, privacy, compatibility across providers, adhering to best-practices, and more. This includes following the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance issues, which can result in liability issues and litigation. Ideal Networks understand the complexity of bring your organization in accordance with HIPAA compliance, as well as other industry-wide regulations (i.e. OSHA, PHI, DEA,Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, etc.).

Healthcare Business Analytics

Ideal Networks offers secure, scalable, and high-performing analytic platforms for healthcare providers that enables your organization unparalleled visibility across your entire operation. With real-time data reporting, analytics, and key performance metrics, healthcare providers gain powerful insights that result in streamlined operations, reduced overheads costs, predictive reports (i.e.high-traffic hours), reduce response times, and enhance the overall quality of care.

Contact Ideal Networks Today

If your healthcare organization is ready to implement the best IT solutions, contact Ideal Networks today. We offer a wide-variety of services for healthcare providers that meets and exceeds the needs for optimally-performing organizations, all in a cost-effective solution that can be tailored to any budget. Free network assessments are available to help determine how your organization can take their networks and IT-based operations to the next level.

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