Network Assessment

Your Network is critical to the success of your business and no two are the same.

Your infrastructure has undoubtedly undergone many changes since its inception. Those changes may have been performed by multiple people and it is very likely that those changes have gone largely undocumented.

First order of business for Ideal Networks is to get a feel for how your network infrastructure is configured and what we can do to make it better.

IN staff members will perform a full audit and assessment of your network at no cost to you.  This initial assessment will give us a detailed overview of your network and will assist us in recommending the best course of action to meet your needs.

Some of the things we determine are:

Disaster Recovery Plan – Most companies do not know when/if/how their data is being backed up. The amount of threats to your data is at an all-time high and there are new threats coming out daily. You don’t only have to worry about traditional threats such as fire, hardware failures, or accidental deletions anymore – the current single biggest threat to your data is Ransomware and it can instantaneously make all of your data unrecoverable by encrypting ALL of your files. Determining your capabilities to recover from such an event is our #1 priority when we set foot into your office. Regardless if you become a customer of ours or not, we will advise you on your current disaster recovery capabilities.

Ransomware/Spyware/Virus Protection – There is no failsafe way to stop your systems from being infected. Even if you don’t have internet, your systems can be infected by a simple USB drive. We will identify the possible entry points and work out a plan to close those entry points

Review of network infrastructure components – ISP/Router/Firewall/Wireless/Switches.

Review of network infrastructure setup – Open port/configured services/wireless password.

Server hardware and operational review – Simple issues can create havoc in your network. We will check Hard Drive Space, Error Logs and System Performance to determine if your current systems are running at peak performance.

Server and Workstation operational review – The single biggest issue with employee productivity is misconfigured workstations. Unnecessary programs installed and running, unchecked spyware, and various other issues may be causing the workstations to run 50% slower than they should.

Security review – Review your security matrix for any potential problem areas.

File and Folder permission review – File/Folder security is critical to prevent unauthorized people seeing confidential information. Can your employees see what everyone is getting paid? Can they see what you paid for your car?

Checking these and many other items enable us to make several recommendations from productivity enhancing to the super-critical disaster avoidance. To properly perform a network assessment our technician will require administrator level access to your equipment during our visit.