Mobile Capabilities
Having the ability to access all of your data across all devices is a critical component of today’s workforce.

But which ones will perform best for your needs and your existing infrastructure? How do you know what you are actually able to accomplish without help to find your way?
We got ya covered.

Access to your data on the go – With cellular provider’s high speed internet coverage and the availability of free Wi-Fi – Accessing your data on the go is easier than ever.

Laptop Access

• Cloud based file storage w/ Direct Access and VPN – As long as your laptop has an internet connection your laptop will have full access to all files that are stored on your shared storage devices from anywhere in the world. You will own and control your own cloud for you and your employees to securely access your data
• Offline file access – IN the event where you do not have access to the internet, you will still have access to your files and shared folders through offline file access. You can create, modify, and delete new files knowing that when you have an internet connection those files will then synchronize back to the system and any files changes will synchronize to your system to ensure that everyone is using the same files.
• Remote Desktop Access – Ability to access a virtual desktop at your office from any computer with an internet connection. All your software will be available to you so you can work like you are sitting inside the office.
• Outlook – Access your email, calendar, contacts, and any public folder from Outlook. And if you read it here it will show as read everywhere.
• Outlook Web Access – Access your email from any web browser.  With this tool, you can access and manipulate your schedule, email, and contacts from any web browser in the world.

Tablet and Smart phone access

• Email access – Access your email, contacts, calendar and get notices of your email as soon as it arrives. Also, with advanced features like required pin codes and remote device wiping, you never have to worry about you or an employee’s phone if it is lost or stolen. Your data will be safe.
• Remote Desktop Access – Ability to access a virtual desktop from your tablet or laptop. No need to carry a full sized laptop when you can work like you are sitting inside the office with a tablet.
• IP based phone system applications – With an IP based phone system you can answer your office line or make calls from your smart phone creating a seamless experience.

IP based phone systems

• Automated attendant – Easy to Complex, building a custom experience for your callers to allow them to get to the person they need to speak to.
• Quality Control – Get reports that aren’t available from your old phone system. See how long your employees are talking, how long your customers are waiting, and review recorded conversation to ensure your employees are performing their duties properly.
• Voicemail to email – Get your voicemails in your email and have that email translated to text.
• True mobility – Put the phone anywhere in the world, with an active internet connection, and answer your extension as if you are sitting right in the main office. Or if that isn’t mobile enough, install a phone app and answer your extension from your smart phone.

Now is the time to begin using the tools available to you to maximize your productivity when both inside and outside the office.

Ideal Networks can show you how!