INnovators 2017

Ideal Networks is excited to announce INnovators 2017, a showcase of the people and organizations committed to advancing the boundaries of technology and design.

We created INnovators 2017 as a simple celebration of  innovation, something that has been at the forefront of Ideal Networks’ mission since its founding nearly 15 years ago. Our hope is that as we champion those who invent, innovate and blaze new creative trails, we will be contributing, if even in a small way, to inspiring further innovation within our community and beyond.

Kicking off INnovators 2017 is inventor, entrepreneur and engineer, Brent Morgan. Brent is a passionate advocate for science and technology, often called upon to consult and offer direction on high-level technological endeavors. As an avid cyclist, runner and family man, Brent subscribes to what he calls an “evenly balanced life of mind, body and spirit”.

Brent Morgan

Brent currently holds 49 patents and has launched multiple billion dollar product innovations to the marketplace in satellite communications, robotics, military weaponry, exploration and renewable energy. Brent is the founder of Transcendent Designs (Scottsdale, AZ), an innovation company committed to creating a less complicated and more interesting life for as many people in the world as possible.

Brent is currently developing an extraordinary device that will create an entirely new segment in the mobile category and we are fortunate that Brent has allowed Ideal Networks to document and feature his journey in a series of upcoming installments for INnovators 2017.